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The CirceCenter is committed to helping you become a more confident, happy person. Our goal is to develop applications that will adjust behavior that you think is harmful to your confidence, in a positive direction.


Be a better listener.

Echo was a mountain nymph from Greek mythology. Echo's constant babbling annoyed Hera, queen of the gods, as it distracted her from learning of her husband Zeus' infidelity. Hera chose to punish Echo by taking away her power of speech. After Hera's punishment, babbling Echo could only repeat the last words that were spoken to her.  Predictably this had disastrous consequences for Echo. She lost her love, ultimately fading away, but we are reminded of her, and her failures, each time we hear an echo.

Don't be like Echo.

EchoX is an app that is primarily designed to remind you not to babble. That during conversation, you should be listening, not just waiting to talk. It is a simple app. You decide how long before the app starts. Let's say your dinner with a old friend starts in 20 minutes. So you tell EchoX to start the timer after 20 minutes. Then you decide how often you want to be tapped on your wrist to remind you to stop babbling, maybe every four minutes? Finally you tell the app how long you want to be reminded, for example 60 minutes.

EchoX is essentially a reminder application. It can be used to train you, remind you, about anything. These reminders come via alerts on your phone, or ideally, your Apple Watch.

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